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Yoga Experiences in India

India has always been the spiritual sanctuary for the world. The ideal destination for those who seek peace, mental and physical wellbeing and a more raw and rooted lifestyle. It is no wonder yoga experiences in India fascinates the world. Sadly, the definition of wellbeing has been restricted to simply being disease-free in a functional body, whereas it goes much deeper. Freedom from the pollutants of the mind and conscious living instead of just passing through mundane routines form a big part of holistic wellbeing.

Taking time off from a hectic schedule, especially for urban dwellers, is increasingly becoming difficult, especially when our to do lists are bulging up- and we have to prioritise between fitness, family time and leisure. We say, prioritise yourself this time. Head to our wellness and spiritual yoga retreats in India that will rejuvenate you. Be it in groups of friends, family or just you-our Unhotels will help you unwind and take the much needed first step towards a wellness journey- even if that just means shunning the city cacophony for some days. Be it remote islands or the mystic mountains, wherever you heart finds peace, we will make a bespoke experience.

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