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Contemporary women play so many different roles. So do the women travellers – the culture geek, the adventurous daredevil, the all-rounder mother, the corporate spouse or just the power woman looking to unwind. Freedom to travel on our own has been long overdue. It’s high time we reclaim our spaces and our rights to explore the world on our terms! If you are a woman with wings who shares the love for travel as much as we do, you will find a companion in Unhotel.

Meet like-minded female travellers and make life-long friendships on uncommon girl trips in India. Explore the world in an uncommon light. Each women-friendly holiday – trip, trek or adventure is personalised and intimate so that women can develop strong bonds and let go of the baggage in the comfort of loving, non-judgmental company. And even if you are a first timer, we say- jump on the ride and plan your girl gang holiday in India. You will be surprised to discover what you are capable of. And to make sure everything else sails smoothly in your journey, there is Unhotel.

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