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You know concrete jungles have clogged your mind when you cannot remember what fireflies look like at dusk, or what a mish mash of chirps from different birds sounds like at dawn. When were you last woken up by the sound of a cuckoo instead of the eighth snooze induced ear jarring alarm?! Let Unhotel take you to some of the most pristine locations in the country where flora and fauna thrive in harmony with human life. Marvel at the beauty of nature with a hot cup of tea or go on nature trails! Our Unhotels are dens for spotting birds, insects, animals and the smallest microorganisms that inhabit our planet with us.

Did you know that one of our Unhotels is home to 5% of the world’s entire bird population? Or that you could live in a real tree house by a river in the wilderness in premium comfort? Leave behind your ‘life in a metro’ for a rewarding experience in idyllic settings that will help you reconnect with nature without compromising on comfort. We have handpicked the best wildlife experiences in India for you. Time to ‘Stop and smell the Roses’, as they say-head to your next nature experience in India.

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