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Retreat by the Ganges

The storied waters of the Ganges originate from the Himalayas and flow through many sacred towns, steeped in faith, culture and myriad traditions. Seen as the personification of Goddess Ganga, the holy river is a symbol of divine feminine energy in the Indian subcontinent. Along these waters, we travel to the ancient town of Varanasi, described by Mark Twain as ‘older than history, tradition and even legend’. Then, we get the opportunity to witness the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, the largest religious congregation in the world, in the town that hosts the confluence of three holy rivers. Lastly, we reach the Himalayan valley town of Rishikesh, made popular as the Yoga Capital in the world after the Beatles traveled here to attend a transcendental meditation session and wrote 20 songs.

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