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Kids Holidays in India

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one are the days when a generation was raised in open fields, in close proximity to nature. There were no smartphones, the addictions were games of hide and seek or 7 stones with the neighbourhood kids( Laguri or Pittu). Mothers would have to drag the kids home- but they would wash up and run away again. The sun wasn’t their enemy because who cared about tanning, and stray animals were their confidantes. Happiness was a Rs 10 lick lolly after school and Rajma Chawal, not pizzas and burgers.
We cannot go back in time, but we can surely try and make the best of what is left with us. Unhotel experiences for Kids and Teenagers are immersive and collaborative- an ode to our rich, beautiful planet that continues to host us no matter how many times we fail it. Our experiences include activities and adventures in forests and valleys- that are safe, led by experts, and most importantly a chance for kids to relive life in simpler times and make new friends.