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International Travel

International Travel

” Fernweh: A German word meaning a craving to go to a place that you have never been to, a longing to go to a place far away. In essence, it is the opposite of homesickness. “Farsickness”, if you will.

The world is full of wonders, tucked away in nooks and crannies, and it is only natural to want to explore it all! That’s what Unhotel is for! We’re not just about cookie-cutter tours that have been given to many others before you. Instead, we curate bespoke trips just for you, keeping your interests and budget in mind.

If you’re not sure about where to begin exploring, let our unique international adventures give you a starting point! “

As an experiential travel company, we know some of the most exciting experiences take place in every pocket of the world. Different cultures, people, histories, and stories exist everywhere for travelers to find and become a part of. There’s an explorer roaring inside your chest just waiting to tap into this potential, isn’t there?

Don’t worry, we can feed its appetite. With a worldwide network of connects and stories from our very own Unhoteliers, we want to make international travel as seamless and fun as it possibly can be. From fun activities, famous festivals, cuisine tours, and offbeat stays, we are here to make sure that your international travel investment pays off with the most memorable experience of your life! This isn’t a cookie-cutter, hop-on hop-off tour of international capitals – it’s an immersive experience to behold.


Iridescent Ireland
Famed for its scenic beauty, rolling hills and towering castles, Ireland is a European destination that one must experience, at least once. Easy to explore, and even easier to navigate, this country’s culture is all about the history and having tons of fun. Check out the nightlife of an Irish Pub, or take a trek through the valleys and hills to transport yourself to another time.

Whimsical Wales
On the southern tip of the United Kingdom, this little country of sheep and castles (over 400!) is becoming a beloved European destination. From the thriving city life of Cardiff, the lush forest reserves of Snowdonia, Wales is the home of the dragons, football, and some of the richest history in the continent. Experience the Welsh life, of laughter, love, and a lot of fun!

Passionate About Portugal
The moment you land in Portugal, you will realise that it is a feast for your eyes. World-reknowned for its architecture, the buildings and houses are unique to this country. Highly underrated and unexplored, Portugal is a traveler’s dream destination, with a lot of untouched activities, local affairs, and stories to explore.

Segue to Sri Lanka
This beautiful island country is the shining star of the Indian Ocean – a sight for sore eyes. Your trip can be what you want to make it – perhaps a relaxing vacation on the seaside. Maybe a historical tour through the middle of the country. Spending an afternoon looking at the remnants from the Dutch colonial period. Or even a bout of voluntourism with sea turtles? Gain the tropical vacation experience that you’ve always wanted!

Intensify Italy
The heart of all things art, food, and culture – Italy is a bucket list item on every travel lover’s list. It’s not just the big cities that are full of marvelous history – the small villages are the soul of this country, full of loving locals who are happy to give you the true Italian experience.

Indulge in Indonesia
Wonderful, incredible Indonesia is one of the stunning landmarks of South-East Asia. The home of heritage, religious culture, and immense artistry. It is also the perfect vacation spot. Easy to navigate, even easier to enjoy, find yourself in Jakarta, or perhaps relaxing on the shores of Bali. Let the sound of the waves on this wonderful cluster of islands lull you into a world you’ve never been to before


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