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An Immersive Travel Experience for the LGBTI Community

A Collaboration With Pride Circle

As an experiential company, we pride ourselves in focusing on inclusivity and diversity. And, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves an experiential company if we didn’t value every single experience! The premise of our travel company is an ambitious dream – to put India on the global travel map as a preferred destination for the LGBTI community from across the globe.

At HUES, we’re trying to create safe spaces and curate trips for the community in a way that makes them feel comfortable, without compromising on any of the travel experiences that our country has to offer.

Our Aim

Our aim is to bring inclusivity to the travel industry, while also ensuring the comfort, safety, and unforgettable experiences for our clients. With this partnership of Pride Circle and Unhotel, we bring to you trips that are carefully crafted for you or your group’s needs, and hope to provide you the best experience on your travel to India. We also wish to focus on giving back and promoting sustainable travel, so a lot of our experiences are eco-friendly, and have voluntourism options.

Our partner,Pride Circle, is first-of-its-kind diversity & inclusion consulting firm which offers a holistic suite of expertise, experience and approach to fostering LGBTI inclusion at workplaces in India.

What We Do

From romantic getaways to luxury vacations, to India immersion trips, we are prepared to curate any kind of itinerary that you prefer. Whether you wish to have a spiritual journey with your family, or a trek the Indian wildlife with your partner, or take a culinary trip with your friends, HUES will help you organize an experiential trip. We also want to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones by helping them organize solo-trips and group travel with strangers that they can befriend and make new memories with!

Our clients’ needs always come first, which is why our trips are planned according to your wants and specifications. Together we can concoct the perfect recipe to satiate your South Asian travel dreams!

Our Trips

“Temples of (Equal) Love”

Delhi – Khajuraho – Agra

Immerse yourself in some of the stunning wonders of the country that are a remarkable homage to some of the greatest architecture and symbols of love. From shining jewel of India – The Taj Mahal, to the intricately designed temples of Khajuraho, to the forts, museums, and street life of the thriving capital city, we bring to you a journey across northern India that will change the way you see history and time.

“Tales of Love As Old As Time”

Jaipur – Udaipur – Jodhpur

The desert wonder of India, and one of the fabled historical sites in Asia, Rajasthan is a world of its own. From a variety of colorful towns, lakes, palaces, and folk-culture, it mesmerizes both Indians and foreigners alike. The pride of this country’s traditional heritage, its welcoming arms will transport you to another planet, where time stands still, myths come to life, and all worries get left behind.

“Love Me Some Peace”

Bodhgaya – Sarnath – Dharamshala

India is famously known not just for its food and rushed life, but also its spiritual connect and peaceful, serene getaways. The origin of yoga, ayurveda, Buddhism, and Hinduism, this region is like stepping into a different dimension that helps you connect with your hidden soul and grounds you to reality in a way you have never experienced before.

“A Love for the Mind”

Coorg – Wayanad – Kochi

This Southern Triangle makes up some of the most beloved places for Indians all over the country. Whether you take a flight from the North, or drive over from the South, the hill-stations and beaches of the Indian Peninsula are not only a refreshing, rejuvenating journey, but also the proud home of some of the densest forests and diverse ecosystems in the Asian continent. Plunge headfirst into these towns that you will never want to leave again.

“For the Love of Food”

Mumbai – Goa – Bangalore

India is home to a variety of cultures and climates, and consequently, a variety of cuisines. The Maharashtra-Goa-Karnataka trio is the perfect example of this. Whether you make this journey via the scenic Arabian Sea route through towns like Karawar and Mangalore, or decide to rough it out through the lush Western Ghats by road (sampling the local dishes at the innumerable inns and highway stops), this culinary journey of Central-Southern India is bound to leave you hungry for more.

What Next

Would you like to try out one of our trip concepts? Or do you have a trip idea of your own, and need our help in organizing it? Reach out to us by filling the form below, and we’ll help you plan your trip in a way that ensures it’s full of fun, fabulous adventures, and exciting cultural experiences!

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